Pangolin to Kookaburra Migration

I have just upgraded to V5 and want to explore the new features, but with my current styles and colours etc.
Is there a way of converting (as close as possible) a pangolin template to a Kookaburra Template.

No, there is no mechanism for that.
I’d just jot down color codes etc.

Thanks, just hoping. That’s what I had to do last time.

Maybe, if possible, have a mechanism to export settings as a text file, for reference etc.

There is!

Thanks, just had a look and it will need a bit of formatting before it is useful as a reference that can be used to transfer setting

Yeah, it’s meant for importing into another Backlight installation. But it has color codes, padding settings, etc. if you can sort it all out :slightly_smiling_face:

Import into Excel as CSV delimited file, Gives a single line with components in individual columns. copy row then Paste Special Transpose. Give you individual row entries. Finally a bit of Tiding up RGB values and Font Families as they use commas to separate listed items.

Tomorrow’s task is to see how useful it is, but I think it will be easier than going through and jotting down

Typically, I’ll just open the reference template in a second tab.


Yes, my brain not working today, after my last post I opened a second window on my second monitor.

Just got to work out what the new kookaburro options do