Pangolin to kookaburra migration?

Hi Congratulations,

I viewed the recent video demonstrating how to replace the default Pangolin templates with Kookaburra.

However how to replace a Pangolin templates with specific features in a Kookaburra template with the same features? Is it possible to clone it and change the type , and then to reassign it? Or do you have to do it manually? That’s not clear for me.


No. You need to create new Kookaburra templates and then assign them to existing Pangolin pages, album sets, and albums.

You can set the Kookaburra templates to be the default templates used when you’re creating new pages, sets, and albums.


Is this true of all the styling options also? I was hoping there was a way to directly clone the exact look of a Pangolin Template, but with the new features of Kookaburra.

There’s no way to clone from Pangolin to Kookaburra.

OK thank you Rod, at some point will the styling at least become more aligned? For example I couldn’t find any simple way to turn off the breadcrumbs or top corner navigation like you’re able to with a Pangolin template.

I have no way of knowing.
As Matt’s says, Kookaburra is a work in progress.

No problem, I’ll check it again in the future - many thanks for developing this fantastic product.

I’m not the developer, that’s all Matt and Ben.
I’m just a user with too much time on my hands :wink: