Paypal/Credit Card button missing on Complete Order page?

Hey Guys,
So I’m setting up a Gallery/Cart. In testing it, I’m seeing that if you add items and then select ‘View Cart’, and go to the cart page, it has the ‘Paypal’ payment button located there for payment. In which you can indeed pay at that time.
But, if I (or my client), selects the ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button instead, located next to the ‘Paypal’ button, it takes you to a next page, the ‘Checkout Page’ which does not have the ‘Paypal’, payment button anywhere on it.
And if you fill in your name/email/etc., and you then select the ‘Complete Your Order’ button, it sends an email, clears the page, and ends the order. I receive the emailed order as the administrator, but there’s no opportunity to actually pay on the ‘Complete Your Order’ page.
Is there a Paypal button On/Off setting that I’ve missed? So that it does show up on the ‘Complete Your Order’ page?

this is as designed. The Proceed to Checkout button is there for orders you are going to invoice your customer for, then they would pay later by check, credit card over the phone, or whatever you like. You can remove it by going to the Cart settings under Checking out > Invoiced Checkout Enabled
Set this to No and then all you’ll have is the PayPal button.

Awesome! That’s what I needed, Rod.
You rock, dude! Thx!

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