PdoExtended.php on line 161 & publisher out of service


I wanted to reorganize the albums & albums set in the gallery. I used the “Parent” command in “Base views”. All used the Pangolin default templates.

The first error message was: Something went wrong Unexpected error: t of memory (allocated 572522496) (sorted to allocate 20480 bytes) in PdoExtended.php on line 161
Please report error at https://discourse.theturninggate.net

Now, all request in publisher leads to the following message. “Unable to save settings: Something went wrong on the server.”

The creation of new albums and sets is OK but they are empty, without the images. And the original albums have disappeared !

Designer is OK. Using Fizella, I can see on the server that the original folders and images have not been moved, and the new one not created.
PhP used is 8.1, the site works “correctly”.

How to correct this problem?

Thank’s for job…

Hi @jbronces, my guess is that something in the database is referencing itself. What then happens is that the database query to find the path to an album or top-level gallery gets caught in a loop until the request runs out of memory.

Can you provide me with a Backlight admin login so that I can check the database and try to rectify it? The best way to do so is by clicking my name, followed by ‘Message’.

Can you also please explain the exact steps you took? e.g. which album you changed the value of Parent and what it was and what you changed it to?

Hi Ben, did you receive my answer ?Thank’s.

Hi Ben I have restored the website successfully. Thank’s. Have a good day


I wanted move in mass, numerous album and albums sets using “parent” command. The result was the error message (see above) and a crash of the publisher module, leading to a laborious restauration of the website.

Is there a limit size to move an album set from a parent file to an other?


Hi @jbronces, can you elaborate on this. Where did you run the ‘parent’ command from? The Backlight admin or LR Publisher? I’d appreciate if you could outline the exact steps performed.

Hi Ben,

you will find here enclosed a part of the structure of the album and album set (near 100 series) placed in the only one top gallery named “galleries” .

Somme albums are public, the others not. I want to place all the private one (that have “series “ as parent) in an album set named “private “.

Example : the album set “voyages” has multiple child albums.
To move the album set “voyage” as a child of “private” instead of “serie, it’s possible to use the command parent.
However I am afraid that all the child albums of the album set “voyages” excided the autorized size, and that is necessary to move on by one.

Could you confirm.

Hi @jbronces, there is no ‘Parent’ command. Do you mean that you edited the album set and changed the Parent, as in this screenshot?

Hi, Yes ! thank’s

Hi Ben, If you mouve album one by one, it’s OK . My observation is related to a big change in the web site organization (e.i. if you mouve 100 albums with a complexe organisation). I am not sure that it is safe. Have a good day. John

it may be due to memory limits on your site’s server, @Ben will have to confirm.
If it is, you may be able to have that memory increased.

I think you are wright. M

oups… Many thanks for you great help …