Photo in a one column of a two column page

Can I place one photo in one column of a two column page?
And: can I place a photo in each of the columns. Then, one photo at the top of the right column, and the second photo at the bottom of the left column?
Or, should I then use Wordpress with a TTG-plugin for the albums and photos?

Albums and such will render images in the main content area, whichever column that’s in. If you want to put images elsewhere, then you will need to provide the code yourself. There are various ways to do this:

  • in any Markdown-enabled input field, you can input HTML or Markdown references to an image;
  • you can use PHPlugins to render HTML at hook locations throughout the page;

If you need it, to set up columns of your down, Rod has a good tutorial on using our grid framework.

Thanks a lot. I will gladly look into Rod’s tutoral.

All works nicely with HTML. Thanks

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