Photo Size in Client Response

Hello everyone!
I set my image size in Client Response / Image Renditions to 1800 / 1800 pix and quality to 60%
The published picture on my site ist still full size 8192 × 5464, the file size dropped from 10,6 MB to 1,6MB
The Upload still takes to much time and I want my clients only to see a preview.
How can I publish my images in a preview quality of 1800 pix?
Thank you and greetings from germany

there was a change in a recent Lightroom update. Make sure you’re using the latest TTG Lightroom Publisher plugin, which addresses the issue.
You can download the current version from your Backlight Modules page.

Thanks for your help!
I just installed the publisher 6.1.3 and I use the the Client Response 10.1.1
I created a new album in Lightroom Classic and published it, the file ist still 8192 × 5464
Something is still wrong with my setup.

make sure you’re using the correct album template.

what version of Lightroom are you using?

can you post a link to an album?

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It’s a pangolin album on default settings
I’m using Lightroom 11.4.1
Link: teddy-dus-n - EYECATCHME. Photography
pw: figgo

Thank you for your help!

One more thing to try.
go to Backlight > Admin > Special Links and click on both Clear Template Cache and Update Album Files.
In Lightroom, try republishing an album. Make sure that in the Publisher settings that Push metadata without updating existing photos is NOT checked.

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I’m sorry it’s still not working, this is the new album: imac - EYECATCHME. Photography
I unchecked the box in LR Publisher settings.
Top level sets directory = galleries and SHOW ALBUMS IN BROWSER AFTER PUBLISHING is checked. All others are not checked

I suppose that the template could be corrupted. You could try creating a completely new template and publish an album with that.

If that doesn’t help, then @Ben will need to take a look. This appears to be the same issue that recently came up with the Lightroom update. The solution was to install Publisher 6.1.3, which you have done, but that doesn’t seem to be working. And I can see that your template is set to create 1800 pixel photos.

Ben will likely need Backlight admin access and perhaps FTP access. You can save some time by sending that information to him. Just click on @Ben and then the blue Message button to send him a private message.

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I would double check that Publisher 6.1.3 is correctly installed. As @rod_barbee mentioned, everything else seems to be correct.


Okay, we’ve solved the issue :cowboy_hat_face:
The problem was within Lightroom…
When updating to Publisher 6.1.3 I did this in the Lr Publishing Manager and not in the Plug-in Manager.
Wonder why this is even working, but as we know it didn’t :sweat_smile:
So I just updated in the Lr Plug-in Manager to 6.1.3, deleted the old version and now it works and pictures are up at 1800 pix.
Thanks again for your help!