Photos and video in same album. Possible?

I have uploaded video to my website by specifying the youtube Video Id on the page content tab of an album. But this puts one video in an album. I would like to have an album with many photos, and then a few videos within the same album. Is there a way to do this?
I suppose I could make an album set. That gets close, but not exactly what I want.

You can only put one video in a Theater video album. And you can’t add a video to a regular album through Backlight.

One way may be to insert video structure as html into the page copy of a regular album. But it’s not an automated procedure. You’d have to have the video files on line and then write the html to contain the video.

It would be easier to do this in a WordPress page. It’s relatively easy to add, say, a YouTube video to a WordPress page or post. And you could use the new [backlight] short code to insert Backlight albums into the same WordPress page or post.