PHP update issue

I have two domains: and
The domain uses PHP 7.4 but the domain will only accept PHP 7.3

Why is this?

Sounds like a question for your hosting company as that’s not controlled in Backlight.

Or are you saying that the site breaks when you change the php version in your host’s Cpanel?

Have yet to receive an answer from the hosting. Reverted to PHP 7.3. Works fine, now.


Are both sites on the same host? Are both sited using the latest version of Backlight?

Both were built by me using Backlight and update to version 4. Both use the same host.

Pierre, your two statements are a bit confusing: domain will only accept PHP 7.3


Reverted to PHP 7.3

So if only 7.3 is accepted, why can you revert back to 7.3?

Works fine, now.

Meaning now you can set a different version? Sorry, I’m confused.

Hello Daniel, originally was using PHP 7.3. Then, I tried to update to PHP 7.4. It crashed. So, I reverted back to PHP 7.3. Now, it works fine. Question: why won’t it accept PHP 7.4? My other domain, uses PHP 7.4, no problem. Both use Backlight 4, both hosted by the same host. Asked the host about this and still waiting for an answer.

What do you mean by ‘crashed’? What didn’t work? Did you receive an error message?

Since the domain is back to PHP7.3, I can’t replicate the error message. But I can tell you, from memory, that it taught it was on Backlight 2!

Hosts often specify the PHP version in the .htaccess file at the top of the website. See if the respective files reference 7.3 and 7.4.