Phpplugins and 5.1

One of the things that was mentioned as being updated for 5.1 is the phpplugins sample file. Should it be in the backlight/custom/phpplugins folder? It’s been so long since I’ve looked at the sample file that I can’t remember where I found it. I’m experimenting with Kookaburra and want to see if my one mod that I made in there will work.

See the docs

Under Enabling Phplugins

Look at the documentation. I should have thought of that. Thanks, Rod!

We moved the files under modules so that we can actually ship updates. Previously, to get updated custom files, you would need to re-download the installer to pluck them out of the zip.

Hi Matt,
yesterday I installed the new Backlight 5.1 to play around with it.
I downloaded the but can’t find any phplugins sample file neither in the modules nor in the custom folder. I found 3 phplugins files in the modules>custom-ressouces folder on my server.
But the phplugins-kookaburra-sample.php file shows only two functions, is that all? :thinking:

Best regards and thanks again for a great work!

that’s where the phplugins and custom css starter files are found.

There are currently two sample functions in the phplugins-kookaburra-sample.php file but there are about seven hooks to use.

Hi Rod,

thanks for info!

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There will be new hooks, and probably more examples, added eventually, when I feel various parts of the layout have become stable.