Possible site redirection

When I access some of my pages I am seeing what appears to be a redirection to a site kit.awesomefonts.com before my content appears. I have never seen this before and am curious if this is something that is legitimate or not?

Since Backlight uses FontAwesome for icons, it’s probably just referring to that site.
can you post a link to your site so Matt and Ben can see the issue?

Today is the only time I have ever noticed this condition. I have been in and out of both of my sites repeated times and added some content and it does not appear to display that message as I select albums. I will check later, but since it is something Turning Gate uses, I am less concerned than I was earlier. As always, thanks for your help

Just noticed that the site you linked is “awesomefonts” not “fontawesome”.
not sure what that means. But the link you posted gives a server not found message.

The Pangolin modules and Backlight’s admin both load assets from https://kit.fontawesome.com/. This is expected. What’s being loaded are the Font Awesome Pro icon sets.

That is exactly what I was seeing this morning and it only caught my eye because my machine was acting slow. I appreciate the clarification.