Presales question

I’ve purchased backlight in the past Ver 1 & 2. I’m considering purchasing version 4 but have a couple of questions.

Because after I purchased version 2 BL released v3 and I was about a month outside of being able to get an free upgrade, my question is if I purchase version 4 now, will I be able to upgrade to version 5 for free if it comes out within the next 12 months?

I have the Cart add-on and Client Response add-ons for version 1. Will those add-ons work with version 4 and upcoming versions?

We typically open the window on free upgrades about three months ahead of the next major version release, so definitely not there yet for Backlight 5 (which I’ve not even begun to think about).

If you own the Cart and Client Response add-ons for Backlight 2 or newer, though, then the add-ons will not be charged an upgrade free. When you upgrade Backlight, they come along for the ride, and you will receive add-on updates concurrent with your version of Backlight.