Prevent backlight from contacting


Is there a way to prevent Backlight from contacting without breaking the appearance of the web site? According to European privacy laws it is not allowed to contact remote servers without the user’s consent, especially if the servers are outside the EU.
Website: Fotos -
Thank you in advance for your help!

go to Backlight Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced Settings.
Under the Miscellaneous section is an option to load Font Awesome locally. Hover over the Info tooltip for instructions.


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Another option, if you don’t mind the early-days-iness of it all, use Kookaburra. It doesn’t use Font Awesome at all, will not use it in the future, and will always (as of 5.0.4) load local assets only.

No shade on Font Awesome; it’s awesome. I’m just taking Kookaburra in a more light-weight direction.

This is just a curiosity question since I doubt that anyone in the EU is looking at my site and I don’t really care about the EU’s obsession with rules…

Would you be in violation of these laws if you loaded a dynamic font from Adobe or Google?

Apparently, yes. If you live in that region. See this post:

Here’s an article:

I am planning to publish an article soon about the right way to use Google Fonts in Backlight, in light of GDPR restrictions.

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Even Captcha is critical regarding this situation.
I switched it of in my backlight-sites… with the sad but logical result
receiving lot of spam through my contact-formular since then.
I thought about asking the visitor to use some special keywords,
that could then be used in my mail-account to filter out all emails without this “keywords”.
But I am open for a better solution @Matthew ? or feature in future?
When using captcha or even when embedding google maps on your page,
it cannot be excluded that the visitors IP-address is transferred to american servers.
This already violates the new european law.
For me as a 360°photographer also certified for google streetview, this meant
a complete rebuild of my website (a non-backlight site).
All virtual tours using google servers had to be excluded.
Anyway… googles streetview for business is a littl’ outdated meanwhile…
so I try to have a positive view on the change and rebuild everything :slight_smile:

The captcha issue is difficult, regarding the EU. From what I can tell, the best option for EU users is probably Friendly Captcha, which I think is based in Germany.

Ben would need to look it over, though, to determine whether it’s viable for Backlight as a reCaptcha alternative.

We’ve also been discussing some ideas relating to communications coming through Backlight. Not sure what’s actionable yet, but we at least have some ideas to kick around.

Here’s the new article about how-to Google Fonts.


Really appreciate this article Matthew. I had assumed that Google fonts feature in Pangolin was not going to happen in Kookaburra and now I know why. Raleway is my preferred font if only for the W - very classy.
Now I’ll have to experiment with my test Kookaburra page styles.
Great timing for use of time over the festive season.

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Even if you don’t care (and I understand that completely), you are still legally required to comply if your site is accessible from EU. Some people block EU visitors to avoid the hassle, otherwise you can rely on there being millions of other sites out there, and hopefully bigger fish to catch.
US companies have spent billions on this foreign law. And to quote the Financial Times :
“medium-sized firms will spend an average of $550,000 on GDPR compliance, source: FT”.
For us in Europe it’s of course even worse.


go to Backlight Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced Settings.
Under the Miscellaneous section is an option to load Font Awesome locally. Hover over the Info tooltip for instructions.


Could you please share a link from which I could download the needed Awesomefont files? I cannot get the local copy of Awesome font files run after the migration from backlight 2 to backlight 5. Even the arrows in the backlight admin menu are no longer displayed. Only small rectangles are displayed. Many thanks.

Pangolin uses Font Awesome 5. You can download files here:

If you want to dodge Font Awesome altogether, you might consider migrating to Kookaburra.

Thanks for the link!
What I did is:

  • dowloaded file fontawesome-free-5.15.4-web and extracted it
  • manually created directories on host: backlight/custom/fontawesome/fonts and backlight/custom/fontawesome/css
  • copied all extracted files from fontawesome-free-5.15.4-web/webfonts to backlight/custom/fontawesome/fonts
  • copied all extracted files from fontawesome-free-5.15.4-web/css to backlight/custom/fontawesome/css
  • the generated source code of a page includes following statement: link rel=“stylesheet” href="/backlight/custom/fontawesome/css/all.min.css?bv=5.0.0"
  • unfortunately it is the same result. It does not display the correct characters.
  • I do use client response galleries which might be currently not supported with Kookaburra.
    Many thanks again

I am having the same problem. I have checked the page source code and it is pointing to which is the correct files and the link works, ( clicking on it opens a web page showing the minified css) I have also checked the folder permissions and they are correct. The links in the CSS also point to the web fonts folder correctly …/webfonts.

Looking through the page source the only possible link to a fontawesome item is fa_pseudo in the breadcrumbs but that is not of the correct format for a fontawesome class as they use - not_ and I cannot find pseudo listed under free fontawesome 5.

This maybe a red herring, but i am trying to get my head around possibilities

can you post a link to a page that should be using FontAwesome?

I am also running a duplicate site through a local server and it is exactly the same

browser cache cleared, also tested through private browsing window.

Did not work with Backlight V4 then updated site to V5 still no change

Is an implementation of a Client Respond gallery. The buttons should be default and are no longer displayed. Their representation is displayed as empty rectangle. The rating stars in the feedback screen of an image are also displayed as rectangles. Please see also the empty rectangle in the menu entry “Fotogalerien”.