Private vs. Protected Albums in Client Response

I’m trying to set up the Client Response module. I’ve set up Client Users with passwords and marked the album as Private (requiring email and access code). I’ve tested this on my husband’s computer and it asks for the access code repeatedly. One time instead of reentering it, I clicked on the Client Response heading and it took me to the album. When I tried to open it, it asked again for the access code. I’ve assigned the access code in Lightroom and published it.
What am I doing wrong?

Private albums require the client to log in with their email and password. No access code is needed for Private albums.
Protected albums use the access code. In Lightroom the Access Code can only be set if Visibility is set to Protected. It should be greyed out if Public or Private are chosen.
If you’re seeing that the access code can be assigned to Private albums, you may not be using the latest version of Lightroom Publisher (7.0) and should update.

I updated the lightroom plugin but it is version 6.1.3. How do I get to 7?

When I select Private in the Features tab in Lightroom album, I see Private- requires Client account and access. Is this correct?

@HollyL We have three levels of protection:

  1. Public - viewable by all
  2. Protected - viewable via access code
  3. Private - viewable by logging in with a pre-configured Client account (email/password)

More info at Public vs. Private Albums | Backlight.

The latest version of the Lr plugin can be downloaded from your Backlight Modules page, in the admin.

I needed to update my version of Backlight and the Lightroom plugin. I think it is working now (fingers crossed). But this is what I see when I mark the visibility of the album: Private - requires Client account and access. Should that be password? Thanks for the help!

in that case, access equals email address plus password.
When they try accessing their album(s), they’ll be directed to a log on page.
(as a side note, you can assign your site’s page template to this client login page by going to Backlight > Designer > Templates > Assign Templates)