Problem Deleting an Album

I was having problems with my hosting service and during that time I was trying to create albums using Lightroom Publishing Service, my normal workflow. Lots of strange thginbgs were happening.

I have my hosting issues resolved now and am trying to clean up things that were added to my site. I go into Publisher in Backlight to the galleries albums section. I then navigate to the albums I want to delete, click on the album name and then I can delete it. All is fine except for 2 albums. When I click on the album name I get this;

Call to a member function getTitle() on bool|#0 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/modules/module-framework/controllers/Controller.php(56): PublisherAdminController->view_album(‘298279’, ‘list’) #1 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/modules/module-framework/models/Dispatchable.php(136): Controller->dispatch(Array) #2 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(76): Dispatchable->dispatch() #3 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/index.php(32): Framework->route() #4 {main}|URL: /jackonly/backlight/index.php

How can I delete these albums? I went onto my site via FileZilla and those albums are not there, just on my website via a browser.



Hi Jack, I think this could be caused by a missing template. Can you visit the equivalent page on your server to and see what the template name/s are for the two albums? Are they listed or shown as “N/A”?


Hi, it has been awhile. Hope you are doing well.

In the Publisher listing of my two albums I want to delete, they are listed as N/A for the templates.


Jack, I would assign a template to these two albums first and then delete them.


The system will not let me add or change a template, so I can’t delete the album. This album does not exist in Lightroom or in my hosting files.



just to be clear, you tried editing the albums in Backlight Publlisher?

Hi Rod,

What I did, which is my normal workflow, is I created an album in Lightroom using Publisher Services. After a while Lightroom gave me a timeout error. I re-published the album again, and it did the same thing, timeout error. I went to my site and there were multiple albums there (I only created 2). Clicking on any of them gave me a “Page does not exist error”.

I deleted them in Lightroom Publishing Services.

I then went to my site via FileZilla and deleted all of those “bad” albums that were still there.

Then went to Backlight > Publisher and there were still there. So I was able to delete all but 2 of them. The 2 I still have are the 2 that have N/A for templates. When I click on one of them, I get the text message I pasted in my first post on this topic, and can’t do anything else with them. If I go the galleries screen and select one of those albums, and select delete, I get a ‘cannot delete the album’ message.

I then contacted my hosting provider and they found they needed to update their system on that site, as it was running an unstable version. I never got their email indicating an update was needed. Once he updated the system, it made getting to my site fast and reliable again.

Then I went back and created multiple new albums in Lightroom and used Publishing Services to get them up to the site. All worked again, as it did/should.

But I still have those 2 “bad” albums with the N/A template that I cannot get rid of.



You may need to go into the database to delete those. If you’re not comfortable doing that, then I’d advise waiting for Ben.

I’ve put in a fix. Can you do the following first though - hover your mouse over the N/A links. Is there a number at the end of the URL that the link is pointing to?

What’s happened is that the albums are either using a template that no longer exists or don’t have a template set. The answer to the above will help me work out which scenario has happened. Neither should be able to happen, but clearly for some reason it has in your case.

After checking the URLs, can you visit the Backlight Modules page and reinstall the Publisher Module (name module-publisher). After doing that you should be able to view the album details and delete the albums in the Backlight Publisher.


The N/A URL for both “bad” albums end in 24.

I see nine updates on the Backlight Modules page.

module-publisher is one of the updates, V 7.0.3, but there is no reinstall option.

I did select update all, but I received an error message that it did not update any of them.


You’re seeing the Reinstall links to the right of every module but not module-publisher?

No not every module, just some of them. Others have a new update available but no reinstall link.


module-publisher is one with no reinstall link.

Hi @jackm, reinstall links only appear if you’re already running the latest. If you just update your modules normally then this fix should come through.

What error message did you see when you tried to install all of the updates?


When I select the “Update all modules” option, I get a red banner message that “The module was not installed”.

When I select the “Update all” in the Backlight 5 section I get a red banner message that says:

The module was not installed
Your host does not provide support for the ZipArchive PHP package. Either enable the ‘zip’ module via the PHP settings in your hosting Control Panel, or contact your host’s technical support for assistance.

I contacted my host and they enabled the ‘zip’ module.

The Backlight 5 modules then did update.

I went into Backlight Publisher and tried to delete the “bad” albums again.

When I selected the album name I got this screen again;

Call to a member function getTitle() on bool|#0 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/modules/module-framework/controllers/Controller.php(56): PublisherAdminController->view_album(‘298279’, ‘list’) #1 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/modules/module-framework/models/Dispatchable.php(136): Controller->dispatch(Array) #2 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(76): Dispatchable->dispatch() #3 /home/jackphoto11/public_html/jackonly/backlight/index.php(32): Framework->route() #4 {main}|URL: /jackonly/backlight/index.php

No other option to delete the “bad” albums.

Also the hosting service has a PHP 8.1 available to update. I did NOT up date to that version. Should I?


Hi Jack, my apologies. Something went wrong with our deployment, and the fix didn’t come through. I have since fixed this. Can you try to reinstall module-publisher again and then view and delete the albums?

We support PHP 8.1, however the risk is that your host may not have as stable a setup for that version as they do for the version you’re currently on. If you’re able to try PHP 8.1 and switch back if needed then I recommend trying it.


Thanks for the fix to the fix. LOL.

I reinstalled the module-publisher, and I was able to delete the “bad” albums from Backlight-Publisher.

All is good once again.

I am going to hold off on updating to PHP 8.1 for now. At least until the hosting people say all is good on their side.

Thanks again for all the help.

Take care, and stay safe.


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Hi @Jack, I’m glad that worked and thanks for your patience - a gremlin had gotten into our deployment process.

What version of PHP is your site currently running?


My site is running PHP version 7.4 currently.

They have 8.0 and 8.1 available.

I contacted them and I can pick the version I want, and go backward if I needed to.

They would recommend 8.0, as 8.1 is not totally stable yet.

Would you recommend going to 8.0?