Problem with Adding Logo Image

I am using backlight to create an album set. I am using the Full Screen Light start because this is just an extension of my website and I do not want navigation bar here. I would like an image at the top but for some reason, I am not able to choose a graphic despite uploading it into the templates images section. So for now, I am using the “hero image” option on the templates for the album set and album (i just do not like that the bread crumbs appear above the hero image that I am using on all the pages). The other problem with doing it this way is every single album set and album I create I have to once again assign a hero image to it. So how am I able to select an image in backlight to assign to the top of the page? Why are none of my images appearing in the drop down menu?

The Masthead is disabled in a full screen template.
in the template, go to Masthead > Primary Masthead and choose “In the Header” or “In the Main Column.”

Thanks Rod. I enabled and the “In the Main Column” worked (the Primary Masthead did not).

But when I attempt to choose an image for this under Logo Image (after add a logo image is toggled on), there are no files there from which to choose for the image. It shows me half a blank line. But I know there are images there because I am using them for the hero image.

When you use this option you first have to upload a logo image.
Do this from Backlight > Designer > Templates > Uploaded Images

Thanks Rod, that worked. I should have tried just uploading an image, I just assumed since they were already there from using them for the hero image that I didn’t have to. Stupid me.

All those kinds of images are special use. Like Favicons and graphic logos. Not files you’d upload to an album.

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