Problem with album with too many links to navigable images

Hello all, I’ve decided to delete and recreate my albums. I was feeling pretty confident until I ran into this problem. I was loading images into my new album. (Screenshot 1) The 3 images are now in a gallery. (Screenshot 2) When I click on the album it immediately goes to the 3 images instead of going to the navigable slide show of the 3 images. (Screen 3). I have to click on the 3 images to get to the larger renditions.
This is a new problem and I can’t understand how I created it. What am I missing here?

Your screen shots didn’t make it.All you need to do is to copy and paste into the post.

Can you post a link to a page that displays the problem?

In normal albums, when you enter the album, you’ll see the thumbnails. You then have to click on one of the thumbnails to get to the larger images. There is no option to start with the large images.

The only albums that start off as a slide show are Galleria slide show (Galleria add-on) and the Vegas slide show in the Theater add-on.

This looks normal for a Pangolin album.
Is this a Pangolin album or is it supposed to be one of the slideshows (Galleria or Vegas)?

It’s a Pangolin album. Let me unprotect the website and I’ll send a link in a minute.

Here’s a link to the website.

The album is acting normally. There is no setting to start off in the slide show mode.

OK, I think I now understand my confusion about what I thought was a problem. I should be able to sort it out now. Thanks so much for your help! Michael