Problem with TTG Publisher performance

I have the old TTG Publisher which worked in Lightroom v12. I now have the Lightroom v13 on the Apple M1 Max and it does not save. I get this message “Error performing function. (Code: 500)”.

I think that the latest version of Publisher is backward compatible with whatever you’re using.
By the way, what TTG product are you using?
If it’s Backlight 2 or later, you can download the latest version of Publisher from your Backlight Modules page.

I am using TTG Publisher.Irplugin version

Are you using Backlight 1, 2…? CE4….?

Current Publisher version is 7.0.0

I was still using Backlight 1. It was OK for what I needed for and continued to work. Haven’t used it for a while. Just checked, I am unable to access any links for previous galleries that were created 6 months ago or before.

Does this mean I am unable to continue using Backlight 1?

My guess is that your host updated to the latest version of php, which would give Backlight 1 compatibility problems, like you’re seeing.

You could try to revert to an earlier version of php, if your host allows. But they may not go back far enough.
Depending on your host, you may be able to change the version of php from your CPanel.

Otherwise, you’ll probably need to move to Backlight 5.

Can you visit your Backlight Publisher API URL in a browser and see what is shown?

If it’s a completely blank page or error 500 then the issue will be with on your website itself, such as PHP incompatibility.

Thanks for the reply. I have been able to revert the php to version 5 but will need to upgrade to version 8 again soon as it is less secure. I have always used Easyspace as my web host. At the initial time of setting up I was UK based. I have been living in Colombia for 14 years. Do you think it makes a difference to switch to web host to a region in the Americas?

If the host you choose uses the latest php versions, you’re very likely going to run into the same problems if you’re still using Backlight 1.
Probably the best thing to do is upgrade to Backlight 5.