Protected image is showing up as hero image

The image I have protected by a keyword works fine on the page but… it appears as hero image. I think I saw a topic on this anywhere but I can’t remember where…

Just did a quick test.

If I’m viewing the album and am also logged into Backlight in the same browser, the protected image will appear as the Hero image, whether it’s set as the Hero image or if random Hero images are used (it will eventually show while refreshing the album).

When I view the album in a different browser (or log out of Backlight):
If Hero image is set to random, the protected does not appear.
If the protected image is set as the Hero image, it will show as the Hero image.

If you are using a random Hero image, then try viewing in a different browser or log out of Backlight.

If you’ve set a protected image as the Hero, then remove it as the Hero.

At the moment I have only one image in that album, maybe that is the problem.
Just tested this by adding a 2nd image but when I refresh the page they alternate as hero
So one is protected and one is not

now it is gone… working fine after a 2nd time deleting the tab from the browser

No it’s not… It occurs only in albums with just 1 image which is protected or only protected images as it now seems. Because when I protected the 2nd too the alternation of the hero image was back.
Yes definitely

Best solution might be to just assign a non-protected image as the Hero

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