Protecting my images from be stolen

A few years ago Matt wrote an article about protecting a photographer’s images from being stolen off of websites. I’d like to read it again but can’t find it. Any way I can get hold of it?

there’s this from the CE4 documentation. You would need to modify it to use in BL3 phplugins.
(use the script hook instead)

Interesting. But I’m following the recommendation to not do it.

Actually, that’s not the article that I was thinking of. As I recall it was written by Matt and the conclusion was the same… about the only thing one can do is watermark images. He chooses not to do so as it distracts too much from the image (read - wrecks the image). I’d like to read it again never the less as it was thoughtful and may inform what I will do. Am I remembering this correctly?

There was this one?

I remember the discussion, took it to heart and have used this approach since 2013. Seems to work well.

More recently, I have again toyed with limited restrictions on right clicks. Certainly not the single answer, but adds a layer of protection. In BL, it can be judicially applied with minimal impact on overall website usability. I just added a short script to select gallery templates using a string recently suggested by Rob in a related post in the old forum.