Publisher Concerns

I set up my website ( using earlier versions of Lightroom and Backlight; the installed versions are current. I have not done anything with the website for a long period and I want to update and revise it.

I decided to use Pangolin Journal but when I started to play with it, but I realized that the TTG Publisher within LR Publish Services no longer lists the album sections and albums that were originally added using Lightroom, as it did previously. (The album sets and albums can still be edited within the Backlight Administrator.) TTG advises to use one or the other methods, but not both, for purposes of managing the website.

I would greatly appreciate advice concerning the following:

  • Should I attempt to reconstruct or otherwise add back the list of exiting album sets and albums to Publisher within Lightroom? I found it very convenient to upload images directly using Lightroom and would prefer to continue this method. The list of Publish Services in Lightroom indicates that it is not saved. I have no recollection of whether I ever saved it. Should it have been saved and might I find the saved information with the Backlight data on the server?

  • One of the settings for Publisher deals with HTTP Authentication, which is now blank. Should it be completed? I do use a basic version of SSL supplied by my ISP. The Publisher API detail are authenticated.

I had become very comfortable working with Backlight but I now feel like I am starting from scratch - and I wonder if I should delete and rebuild the site.

Thanks in advance.


We’re the albums created in the same catalog as you are now using?

Yes - the same catalog.

I realize that the catalogue was modified and a new version was created when Lightroom was upgraded to a new version. Should i look for an early backup?

That shouldn’t make a difference.

On HTTP Authentication. This is a very specific use case for users who have configured their web server to add a password to everything in their entire site. The configuration is done outside of Backlight, and this field in Publisher facilitates the ability to publish with that password mechanism in place.