Publisher default settings

Hi there!

When using publisher to create galleries, is there a way to change the default album settings? In my case I would like it to default to Private gallery, and also Client Response turned on.

In the lightroom plugin I could import settings from another published gallery, that would also work in this case.


That’s the solution.

Hi Rod,

Using the lightroom plugin? That is not an option here unfortunately, I’m moving away from lightroom.

I use the client response gallery mostly for my fashion e-com shoots, which are now fully handled by Capture One.

There currently is no way to create a default setting for new albums in the Backlight Publisher.

Can I please make a feature request for this?

We’re often creating 5-6 galleries at a time, and it becomes quite tedious entering these every time.

You just did :wink:.
@Ben will need to address it.

Great, thanks Rod.

And thanks Ben! Aside from this, the Backlight gallery system is working really well and the transition from the lightroom plugin has been pretty painless. Everything loads really quick and looks super professional for my clients.

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