Publisher over active

Lightroom Publisher seems over active. I’ll make days of changes and the step into Publisher at top level and Publish entire library. My site is simply my personal photo album so just lots of albums and photos, mainly just for me.

Then without any changes I will check albums. The show all published but sit there watch for a minute and slowly the images move up to the modifier portion sometimes the entire album. So I publish again. If I move to another album in same gallery I will find same thing.

Tomorrow I’ll look again and determine more details.

I have latest update.

I wonder, with the latest additions to Lightroom (new masking capabilities, for example), if Lightroom is creating and then detecting changes in images and therefore showing that images need republishing,

I republished the intire library. I then entered folders and found everything published. As I was looking in seconds images started moving into the Modified section. As I furnther watched more and more images moved into the modified section. Sometimes all images moved to the modified section and sometimes some where left in published section. Sometimes everything moved to modified section.

The occured for many many folders.

How do I explain this to Adobe. They will simply point to the plugin.

Maybe @Ben can answer that.
Have you made any bulk changes in image metadata lately?

I republish entire library. Immediately viewed folder, did not go anywhere else. Simply Publish entire library and view folder to watch movement to Modified section. No interviening action.

When you say you republish the entire library, what steps are you taking to do that?

Go to top folder - hit Publish.

Do you give Lightroom enough time to republish all albums in an album set before looking at each album in Lightroom Publisher?
If you’re republishing the images (rather than just the metadata), it could take a lot of time.

I only waited 2 hours, computer untouched, and waited for the bar on top to disappear indicating Publishing was complete.

Just playing with it and noticed something.

I recently upgraded my computer moving everything over. Previews are generated by the system so I didn’t need to copy them over. Now I really don’t have a good understanding of all this. As I moved the Publisher into a new album I would notice images moving from Publish into Modified. A bit quick for me but just maybe the image quality improved, that is it recreated the preview.

Just maybe I must go through everything allowing previews to be recreated. Then do the Publish.

Does sort of explain what’s happending.

I can’t reproduce the problem and this is the first time it’s come up on the forum. It’s likely a Lightroom issue.

What version of Lightroom are you using?

Have you tried resetting the Lightroom Preferences file? Doing that often clears up all sorts of Lightroom oddities:

Hi @Ron, LR can be over-zealous in marking photos as modified and in need of republishing. I haven’t encountered this happening just be viewing though.

You do not need to republish photos if this happens. If you are confident that the photos have not been modified in any way that you need to pass through to your web site (visually, or with metadata changes such as title and descriptions that would appear in your Backlight albums) then instead of republishing the photos, select all of the photos that are marked to republish, right click on one and click ‘Mark as Up-To-Date’.

Thanks @Ben. I just had a long talk with Adobe support, they remote watched it happen. Their conclusion was that recent catalog updates has marked a images as modified.

The interesting problem with ‘Mark as Up-To-Date’ is it doesn’t work until it has been marked as modified. Thus I must go into each album - wait and wait - until everything moves to modified section than mark as up-to-date. It cannot be done at folder level on a global basis.

At least this is my understanding to date.

No problem. It’s just a retirement hobby photo book but online.


Rob, Ben and Ron, I have been experiencing the same issue over the last weeks or so. Sometimes it’s just one image sometimes a number of images. These are without me making any changes. I would observe with a freshly opened session. I did downloaded the latest LR Classic update V11.1 yesterday and republished all albums. Will advise if the problem persists.

Sadly, not something we have control over. This is a Lightroom issue. And, in my experience, issues are pretty much the norm with Lightroom.

I’ve found that every one of my ‘published’ photos has been marked as ‘modified’ after transferring to a new computer. There doesn’t seem to be a way of resetting them in bulk without going through each album.

FYI After I downloaded /updated to LR Classic 11.1 and republishing all albums I have yet to get any “stray” republish images. It appears it must be or was an Adobe LRC issue. Makes sense with the changes in Adobe LR major update to the “Develop” process. Just my 2 cents…

I noticed this behaviour several years ago, and believed it to be caused by bit-rot on my spinning disk (especially since I saw that some images were indeed corrupted), so I starting using LRValidate to create checksums for the original files on disk + metadata (I would like to have done only image files, but that wasn’t an option), and found that several images a month changed, so bought a very expensive disk that didn’t help. And the last few months I’ve also noticed many more files changing, and after reading this thread now conclude that LR is indeed scribbling something trivial in the metadata file to cause this. Hmmm.