Publishing in Lightroom - 403 error

You have got a PM now Ben, have a great week!

Thanks for the access, @anhede. I’ll try to create a test album in the next few days and see what I can find.

Hi @anhede, I’ve created a hidden test album and encountered the same issue. The same image got stuck every time. It appears to be blocked by a security mechanism. It may be that something in the binary data of the generated image is matching a security rule.
After making an inconsequential change to the image (a slight move of one of the sliders in the Develop module), the image was then able to be published. Undoing the change in Developer (with Ctrl-Z to guarantee it was completely undone), the same image once again failed to upload.

Can you try the same thing with the image that caused publishing to stop? It would be helpful if you could ask your host’s technical support whether there is a security firewall that is causing these 403 errors, and if they can tell you what the logged error is.