Push metadata without re-publishing images

… is an option when using the LR plugin. I am unable to find that option using Backlight Publisher. Can anyone point me to it?


It’s only relevant to the Lr plugin. There’s presently no way to update metadata within Backlight’s admin. It’s ingested along with an image. So, to update the metadata for an image, you should upload a replacement image having newer metadata.

Thanks for such a quick reply.

Hi @nola, further from what Matt has said.

If you’re trying to pick up changes to the metadata in your images, then you will need to re-upload them. For example, if you had changed the caption of the image and use the {Caption} token.

If, however, you have changed the settings for your metadata in Designer, for example changing from “{Title}” to “{Caption}” or even to “This is the title: {Title}” then there is no need to re-publish or import the images again. The change will be automatically applied to any affected photos the next time albums using that template are viewed on the web.
In this way, Backlight’s metadata processing is more seamless than that from LR, which would require republishing of photos (with or without the ‘push metadata’ option selected).

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Understood. I’m adding captions, so I will have to republish.