Redirecting 404 errors to official website 404 page

Is it possible to redirect 404 errors to my website’s custom 404 page?

that’s supposed to happen automatically. Do you have a 404.html file in the root of your site? if so, try deleting it.

I have a 404.shtml file in the root.

To be clear, Backlight is not in charge of the primary pages of the site so I don’t want to use its 404 page.

Oh, I was assuming you were using Backlight’s built-in 404.

Since you’re site’s not a Backlight site I don’t know how helpful we can be. Can you just create a new 404.shtml page and upload it?

Thanks, Rod!

I was hoping there was a way to get Backlight to direct any 404 errors that Backlight may generate to my custom 404.shtml.

Maybe by adding a redirect to the Album .htaccess file (found in Backlight’s Advanced Settings)? You’ll probably have to wait for Ben for the code, unless you know enough about .htaccess redirects to add it yourself.

here’s something I found on the Google machine:

If you’re not using Backlight as your main site, then you have presumably removed Backlight’s index.php and .htaccess files from your root. In which case, you would only be seeing Backlight’s 404 from with Backlight’s routing structure, for example, In which case, you should follow Rod’s suggestion to implement your own redirect in the albums .htaccess file, which can be customized from Backlight’s Settings page, under the advanced options.

Thank you!

I’m not the best at redirects because I work with them so little but I will give that a try.