Reefimages runs on BL3

Just an intro to the new forum. The Reefimages web site is now more that 20 years old. I am an oceanographer and coded the site personally for many years before migrating to TTG. Had issues with earlier versions but now find BL to be the simplest way to keep up with the constant Google driven shuffle in protocols etc. without the pain of coding myself.

FYI, Reefimages is a science and education focused site. Its original intent to serve as an aid to others, especially scuba divers, in identifying marine species continues but the majority of the web site traffic is now driven by my textbook “An Introduction to Ocean Sciences” that is an free open source, but fully peer reviewed college level text. The text is now used by colleges in more than 20 US States and colleges in at least 12 countries representing 4 continents.

Doug Segar

Thanks for posting, but you forgot the link! Is it

Opps. Yes, that’s the site. The textbook is at

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