Refresh of my website using Cart and Galleria

I’d be grateful for any constructive criticism or suggestions on my refreshed website
I upgraded to BL5 and added a Cart to my albums. I also added a “Prints” page in the menu bar which utilises Galleria. Also now using Galleria for the Home page.
A huge thank you to Rod for quickly and efficiently answering all my questions.
BL is a fantastic product, though it pushes the boundaries of my technical ability. I love the integration with Lightroom and the fact that it’s so quick to add images. Thanks to all involved.

Hi Martin,
Clearly a lot of work has gone into this site. I’m not keen on the semi-transparent labelling of the albums though. I find it distracting and unclear but I am a fussy myopic according to my optician!
Some images are slow to load and this message crops up a few times on your British album

Hope that helps?

Tom - thanks for your comments. Very helpful. I had to Google “fussy myopic” and you were the top hit! In fact you were the only hit! :laughing:
If others agree (and following your comment I will test that out), I will consider reducing the opacity of the background image to make the lettering stand out a bit more.
The “not loading” was solved by republishing in LR. I thought I’d done that but clearly hadn’t. Thanks again.

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Nice work. The site looks great, and I’m enjoying your images.

I do agree that the album titles would probably be easier to read if they were opaque. Not so bad in some cases, but some of them are very hard to read; Abu Dhabi, for example.

On the books page, you might consider implementing a grid. @rod_barbee has an excellent article on how to do that.