Remove CE4 Cart

I bought Backlight, but I have not had time to Install it. In the meantime, I want to keep my CE 4 Galleries alive; but they won’t run now because “The Shopping Cart is currently unavavailable.”
I would like to make the Cart permanently unavailable on all my old galleries.
How can I do this?
Jack McBride

You could disable the cart in each the albums, under the Integration tab.
Or you could assign an album template that is not cart enabled.

I’m not sure what would happen if you simply deleted the cart folder. The albums might still think they’re connected and you might continue to get the error messages.

Or maybe just disable the cart in the album template?

Where is the “Integration” tab?
And would it just require the insertion of a ?

In Publisher. Were you using CE4 Publisher or were you exporting and uploading galleries?

No, I did not use publisher. I just used Lightroom to upload the galleries.
And I lost the hard drive that had those uploads on them.

Then I’m not 100% sure how you disable the cart from your galleries.

You can try removing (or maybe safer, renaming) the cart folder. If I remember correctly, it’s inside the ttg-be folder. That may cause an error though.

Otherwise, you may may need to re-export the galleries, one by one, with the cart feature disabled. I think you could then get away with reuploading everything but the images.

I’ll try renaming the cart, that’s the easiest to reinstate.

I edited the code in all the index.php files for the albums, and that solved the loading issue. Now I have to find the “cart” image file and get it out of the thumbnails.
But for the time being I am back on-line.
Thanks for your help, Rod.
Jack McBride

you should be able to remove the cart icon in the grid and large image with custom css.

I don’t have access to a CE4 installation anymore, but there might be a cart class affixed to the body of the index pages. Try to remove it. It might be all that needs to be done.