Renaming Gallery Sets

I recently changed the name of the top level from “Galleries” to “Portfolios”. Now, when I try to publish a new album of a few pictures the publisher puts them into the address “Galleries,” even though I’ve deleted that level. Messed up, here. could use a little guidance.

are you using Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher? If Lightroom, make sure you’ve changed the top-level gallery in the Publisher settings

A good question. I am classified among those most frustrating users - the clueless ones. In Lightroom I went to Publish Services > TTG Publisher and right-clicked to “Edit Settings…” At Publisher API Details I wrote "…/backlight/publisher/ and at Other Publisher Options I wrote “portfolios”. Then I sent the new album pictures up and the name of the album shows, and there’s a place holder where the thumbnail should be but the pictures do not show at the album page.

I am SUCH a numbskull. I didn’t actually PUBLISH the pictures. Did that. ‘s all workin’. Thank you for your help!!