Rendering of drone photo

I haven’t been on the forum for some time because everything has been running so well. I have just come up with an odd condition in my gallery that has me stumped. I uploaded a new drone photo here Aerials - Michael Blanchette Photography and when I open it up full-size, it displays disproportionately large compared to all other horizontals. I have my upload size in the Gallery template set to 1024px on both angles, so I can’t figure out why all the drone photos are coming up much larger than those taken with my other cameras. Any clue what might be going on? This image came from a DJI Mavic 3.

Hi Mike,

Looks like it’s being published at full size. Others are reporting a similar issue. Looks like it may be a Lightroom issue.

Using the latest version of Lr Publisher should fix this.

Yep, it all works fine now. Thanks for the fabulous turnaround. You folks rock!

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