Reordering photos in an Essay

Hi is there a recommended workflow when building an Essay. It is easy to edit text at any stage of the process but is there a way to alter the sequence of images. It is easy to delete photos at the code level. I have three hundred images and I want to cluster them appropriately. If after creating an essay I see that photos are out of sequence how do I go back and reorder them. Do I have to start from scratch?

Within the builder, you can reorder images within a group via drag-and-drop. Once the builder has been closed, though, it’s not possible to revisit a group on the page. You would have to rebuild it.

Thanks Matt, Would be great if post editing could become an enhancement in the future

You can try editing the album and in the album copy, edit the code you pasted in from the builder and reorder the image id numbers. If you only have a few images in a group it’s pretty easy. If you’ve got a bunch it can get confusing.
If you do this, don’t have any spaces after the commas separating the image IDs.