Rounded corners image

Hi, I would like to use kookaburra for my albums. But I have a question about making round corners in the photos. This works in pagolin, but I can’t do it in kookaburra. Does anyone know how to do this?



Hi Ed,

Are you looking to round off thumbnails? What presentation?
I don’t see a way to do it with the standard presentation, but maybe with Masonry

Hi Rod, that is indeed the intention. I have been using backlight for a long time and now wanted to adapt everything to the new kookaburra. For an example, see Vogelhut Harmelen - Van Pelt Fotografie

but may not be able to find it in the design module.


This seems to work for thumbnails in an album, and it only took a little bit of custom css:

in your Kookaburra Page template, under Image Presentation: Masonry, enable Masonry and set the Background color to transparent. (unless you want the image surrounded by a colored background.
Set border to 0
Set Margins to whatever space you need between images
set padding to 0 unless you want your background color to surround the thumbnails

Under Grid Cell Metadata, set Border-top to 0 (unless you want a line between image and caption
Set Padding-top/bottom to something that gives a comfortable space beneath the image. 6px is a good start.

In your custom css, add this:

div[data-presentation="masonry"] figure > div a img {
  border-radius: 30px;  

set the border radius to your preference.

For the Album template, under Presentation, select Masonry as the Presentation Type.

Thanks Rod, it works great