RSS Feed Error

I have enabled rss feeds in my settings. When I go to page source to check for the feed it’s there.

When I open it has an error message: Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

All my Backlight modules are current, as is Lightroom publisher

Any ideas?

Take a look at the video Matt just posted. It may answer your question (I’ve not had the time to watch it yet)


I watched it this morning, that’s what reminded me I had the feed issue. :grinning:


Rod - I watched the video last night - really nice video. But I have a somewhat similar feed problem still. The overall site feed seems to work fine. But the album feeds still don’t respond - all I get on the feed reader (and I’ve tried several) is a message to the affect that the album page has no feed. Thoughts?

Just an update. Today I went to other Backlight sites listed in the Showcase forum to look at their RSS feeds. Many of the sites returned the same error message as above.


Hi Bob, it may be that the new rules in the Album .htaccess settings either haven’t been updated or applied.

Can you try visiting the main Backlight admin page and clicking through the Update Album Files link? Does that fix the feeds? If not, can you message me a Backlight admin login so that I can look further into it?

Hi @BobL, thanks for the access. I found that the setting for Album Htaccess was out-of-date and didn’t include the rule for handling feed URLs. Upgrading your site should have automatically added the rule, but the search-and-replace couldn’t find the right place to add it due to your settings being slightly different to what was expected. This is more likely a flaw in our upgrade script than something you’d done.

I’ve changed the setting and re-run Update Album Files, and the feed URLs are now working. This change will stick and won’t need you to do anything else.

FYI, if you want to see this setting, visit Backlight’s Settings and click on Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page. I replaced the entire value for Album .htaccess with the most current setting. The applicable lines are the one with ‘feed’ in it and the immediate preceding line.

Hi Ben,
I’m seeing the same issue on my sites as well. Is this something that can be fixed by reinstalling a particular module in Backlight?


Thank you! Everything works great!


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Rod/Ben - I have the same issue and question.

Hi @rod_barbee and @TAlexanderPhoto, can you please both provide me with Backlight admin logins so that I can take a look at the Album .htaccess settings? I suspect there’s something different in your setting that has caused the upgrade script to be unable to perform a search-and-replace.
Once I can see the difference I’ll add an additional upgrade script in 3.0.4 to cover this scenario.

Hi @rod_barbee and @TAlexanderPhoto, thanks for the Backlight admin access. That’s really helpful and will help me work out a fix for this.

Hi @rod_barbee and @TAlexanderPhoto, it looks to me like URLs ending in feed/ are working correctly on your sites, but URLs ending in feed (without the trailing slash) aren’t. Can you confirm if that’s what you’re seeing?

It looks like it’s working with feed/

Not for me - when I try to add the feed to Feedly I get this message - same message I get without the /:

It works great for tge main site feed but not for any of the photo galleries.

I was judging by what happens in the browser when I add feed/ to an album url. Without the trailing slash I got a 404 error. With it I don’t.

Rod - I just tried it your method and it works fine on main site feed but I still have the 404 error on any gallery url showing no feed available.

Ben - my menu items link direct to the albums rather than a page with album embedded. Could that make a difference?