Search does not return expected results

I’m helping a friend with his website. He has images that have been published through Lightroom that have multiple keywords added. I have the metadata set to show on single images in the gallery and you can see the keywords show up on the website. However on certain images, searching for any of the keywords does not show the image in the search results. We have tried deleting the image and republishing it. Any ideas?

Thanks - Monte

Hi Monte, can you share a link to the site, the keyword used and the expected image to show?

Hi Daniel. Landscapes - Jim Talaric Photography. The first image has the keywords Pawnee Buttes and Colorado. Searching for Pawnee, or Colorado does not bring up the image. If you look at the single image and show the information, you can see the keywords. There are lots of images that you can search for the keywords that appear and they don’t show up. Has me baffled!

I have no idea what could be wrong. Maybe send @ben the backlight admin login so he can have a look at the database.

Will do. Thanks Daniel!

Hi @trummonte, thanks for the access. After a lot of digging around the settings and database, I’ve found the problem. For some reason, the Landscapes album had an empty value for visibility. All of the other albums had this set to public.

I changed it manually in the database, and the photo is now coming up in the search.

I’m not sure how the visibility field could become empty. Do you remember changing the visibility or any other access details for the album?

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Thanks for figuring that out Ben! Not sure how that would be blanked out. I take care of the site for Jim. All he does is work in Lightroom and in there you have to select one of the three options in the dropdown. I asked Jim if he remembered how long it has been a problem and he wasn’t sure. I updated all the modules last week and that was when he let me know of the problem. I walked him through updating the Lightroom Publish service the other day. Thanks again. He is happy!

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