Search for IPTC Data

Hello there, i am wondering if Backlight can also search for iptc tokens like headline and DescriptionWriter.

Supported metadata tokens are here:

Note that Backlight cannot look into image files’ metadata (EXIF, IPTC, etc.), and only searches metadata items that have been assigned for use in the album template, and are logged into the database.

Ok i see, can it at least Display this IPTC Data in the Gallery view ?

Yes it can as long as there’s a metadata token for whatever you’re wanting to display.

If you’re adding metadata tokens to a template of existing albums, you’ll need to republish the albums before the information will appear. If you’re using Lightroom, you can just republish the metadata.

I just downloaded a image from an Album and it appears the Metadata is gone. The Setings for how the images are handled should just be in the Album template right?

How are you uploading images to the album? Using Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher?

If you’re using Lightroom Publisher or exporting from Lightroom and then uploading using Backlight Publisher, make sure that under the Metadata setting, “All metadata” has been selected.

I just use the Backlight Publisher.

After making metadata changes to the template, are you re uploading the images?

What metadata aren’t you seeing in the downloaded images that you expect to see?

What do you mean by Metadata changes in the Template, should i enter Metadata there?

All IPTC Data is Gone i need the Headline and Description Fields.

I can see you’re having a disconnect. First thing, forget the image metadata. You’re using Lightroom’s Publish Services, and so whatever is or is not in the image file, Backlight does not care.

When you create an album template, you set up a number of metadata “outlets”. For example, one such outlet is the photo caption.

Take a look at the Captions settings in your album template. Here, you use one or more metadata tokens that essentially dictate from where – EXIF, IPTC, etc. fields – metadata is to be drawn for the purpose of populating that image’s caption in Backlight’s database.

That metadata is then available in Backlight’s database for various purposes, including display, search, etc. Whatever we want to include it in.

Same deal goes for every metadata outlet. So edit the album template, look for sections wherein you are able to configure metadata for that template, and set things up.

After making such changes to a template, you will need to re-publish images to update the metadata for each.

Note that re-publishing is only necessary for images from the LR Publisher. Images uploaded through the Backlight Publisher do not need to be re-uploaded for metadata changes in the template to take effect.

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