Search goes to BackLight login

I find a funny thing… why does the search after I try page 3 of a search revert back to BackLight login page…? Try search for sea poppies and click on the third page with more results…

Thanks for any help

Not sure. Could be that you’re starting out from just a quick search form rather than the built in search page.
I don’t know why that would be, that’s something for @Ben to look at.

If you go to and try the same search, you won’t see that problem.

I suggest changing the search url in your nav menu to /backlight/search rather than /#search

Thanks Rod!!

Search doesn’t support pagination, as the ‘page’ parameter interferes with the parameter used for pages. e.g. ‘page’ on these two links have different meanings:

I may have another crack at this. But in the meantime, use a template with pagination disabled.

Thank you Ben!

Created a search page with

Hi @Brock, I’ve looked further into this. There is an issue with pagination on Search results when clean URLs are not working. On your site, a search for ‘waves’ will take you to a URL instead of a URL

This is due to URL rewriting not working on your server, which could be because you’re missing either one or both of the .htaccess files in or

Other possible reasons could be that the Apache module mod_rewrite is not enabled on your server, or you’re running on a different web server.

In any case, I’ve put in a fix for this scenario, which will be in the next feature update.