Search Returns Error Message

Backlight 4

When I try to do a search, it returns an red error box, with the text below.

Something went wrong
Unable to find template with id 42. Try updating the selected template for the application. in EngineFactory.php on line 67

I’m up to date on all modules.


It sounds like a problem with the Search album template.
Could you have recently deleted an album template?
Go to the Publisher area of Backlight Settings and make sure you have a current album template chosen.
I think it needs to be a Pangolin album template (not Galleria, Theater)

It looks like your site is now missing its index page. Be sure to assign an index page.

No albums templates deleted. I do have my home page setup using the Theater Vegas Slideshow.

Now I need to figure out how to create a slideshow, there’s a slideshow setting under album settings but it shows a thumbnail grid which I don’t want.


I forgot to add, even when I changed the home page album to a different template not a Vegas Slideshow) the search function still gave me the error.


Well right now, if you go to your site you’ll see an error:


So that needs to be fixed. In Backlight, go to Designer > Pages. Click on the name of the page you want for you home page. Click on Edit Properties. Set Index Page to Yes.

That’s not where you set the album template for the Search function. Go to Backlight > Admin > Settings. Scroll down to the Publisher area and look for Search Template.



I’m not seeing the index page error, my site is loading as normal. I even deleted my web history and the site loaded fine.


Create a new Theater album using a Theater template set up for the Vegas slideshow presentation. Populate the album with images. You’ll probably also want to hide it from the album set.

In Backlight > Designer > Pages, edit the page you’ve chosen for your Index page.
In Design, go to the Insert Album tab and insert the Vegas slide show album you just created.

Is this the correct url:

Because when I go to that url I see the big red error



The admin search template was set wrong, the search function is working now!


OK, thanks for your help again. I think I’ve got it sorted out with your directions, can you give it another try?

Glad to help. Nice images in the slide show!