SEO: Slideshow View versus Single View

Hi all,

I originally had my images to be viewed in slideshow format, and had most of them indexed in Google.

I have switched to single view now (as per example below) and all my images have dropped out of Google. Any ideas why? The URL below looks like it should index fine.

Any help appreciated!


Any thoughts? Or best just to go back to slideshow mode? My understanding though was that the single page view was the one to use for SEO - but I could be wrong?


The Single Page presentation is what you see when you click on an image’s permalink icon in the slideshow. So it makes no sense to me why Google would drop it when switching to Single Page since it’s the same page. At least that’s my understanding.
Maybe @Matthew knows if they are different.

For all the information that Google makes transparent, and based on my own best understanding, the Pangolin Album slideshows are coded in such a way that using the slideshow should provide the same SEO as using the single-image HTML pages.

Pangolin Album should provide greater SEO benefit than using either the Theater or Galleria plugins.

Further, Pangolin Album’s slideshow is our intended experience for Backlight’s galleries.

OK, thanks guys. I’m not sure what the answer is - I will just go back to the slideshow and see if I get some listings back.

Have a great Christmas and thanks for your ongoing support here.