Set Breakpoints

Since I am using media queries to make my site responsive (at least I am trying), should I ignore the setting at Backlight/Pages/Layout/Breakpoint that is now set at always.

Your site is already responsive. Why reinvent the wheel?

Hello Matthew,

I’ve been working on and off this site for at least three years now. Between the designing, the verifications on different platforms, the scanning of hundreds of negatives and the processing of much more digital files, I fear I may not have time to complete this illustrated database of the stage productions I have documented since 1984.

At my age, time is of the essence, so to speak.

Anyway, I recently inspected the site on a mobile phone and a tablet, and although it is responsive, some pages react strangely whether in portrait or landscape orientation. Probably has something to do with some settings in Backlight combined with the media queries I wrote in the CSS file.

I’m confident I’ll eventually solve these problems, though I’ll probably post some more questions from time to time on this forum as I go along. I just hope it doesn’t get too tedious for Rod and you.

Thanks for your support,

Pierre Desjardins

I’ve spent a lot of time developing Backlight to be fully responsive, inclusive of every feature that we ship. If something is falling short of expectations, I’d like to know what it is so that I can consider possible improvements.

Beyond that, though – and I don’t want to sound insulting here – you’ve got a bad habit of styling yourself into corners, then piling band-aids on top of band-aids trying to solve problems you’ve created elsewhere with your own CSS. As I’ve advised in the past, the first step I would take when you perceive a styling issue or a responsive shortcoming, is to disable your custom stylesheets, and see how the page behaves using Backlight’s native styling.

Time being of the essence, as you say, I’d try to let Backlight do as much of the work as possible, so that you can focus on publishing content, rather than rewriting the website.