Setting up a sub domain

I fear I’ll be scolded for this, but here goes:

Trying to update a website
in order to simplify and correct all sorts of errors that have crept in, mainly because it’s two sites in parallel, one English language and the other French.
Because MAMP doesn’t work on my box, I’m setting up a subdomain in order to build the new site without disrupting the existing one.
Alas, I don’t remember how to set this up!
I unzipped the downloaded Backlight installer;
I wanted to copy the unzipped files to the public folder of my server, but, there are just a log file, a changelog, and the Publisher file…! The instructions state that there should be
as well as the .htaccess file.

What did I miss?

You’re doing the installation in a subdirectory. A subdomain would be

Looks like you downloaded the LrPublisher from the Backlight modules page. The installer is contained in an email that you received when you purchased Backlight.

Hello Daniel,

I already have a few other subdomains, all URL’s are like this one:

AS for the Backlight installer, I will trace the original email received from TTG.

I think I’ll have to face it: my attempt at using an already created section, the French side of in order to build a newer version as a subdomain, simply does not work. I was hoping to avoid rebuilding the entire site by salvaging sections and redirecting the links, but it looks like it’s more than that.
So, unless I find a way to do this shortly, I’ll drop everything and start from scratch.

Sorry for the misunderstanding…I am trying to install it in a subdirectory, not a subdomain. My bad.

What I don’t understand is why can’t I install the Publisher and then, copy/paste the folder structure from the site I’m trying to edit. In other words, copy the folders/files from to ? I realize that there will be a lot of links to fix, but that would still save me all that designing I did on the original site.

Probably because all the information that controls those albums from Lightroom is in the database?

As to the design, just export the templates from the original and import them to the new site. If using custom css, you should be able to just upload that to the new site.

Is there a If yes, that should work. You would need to update the settings according to the subdomain path. Oh, don’t forget the hidden files!

BUT, I think you would be limited to using Backlight Publisher to maintain your existing albums. Maybe there is a way to migrate an existing Lr Publisher service, but I’m not aware of it.