Setting up Cart for selling Prints

Hi, Just purchased the Cart add-on, and am trying to set up my Products and Prices. I haven’t got my head around how the parts all interact yet and would seriously appreciate suggestions on how to configure it to offer prints of my photos in 3 sizes, and with 3 options for each size - Print only, Mounted, and Framed, where each of these (9) offerings are a different price.


First, think about how you want your customers to choose what they buy.

Have you looked as the sample products and pricing schemes included?

Here’s one idea for a setup (I don’t use the cart to sell prints, so others may have more elegant ways of setting up the products):

Create three products: Print only, Mounted, and Framed
For each product, add Attributes and Options
(The advantage of creating separate products is that you could create pricing schemes with just one product on offer, like if you wanted to create a Prints Only album.)

For the Prints Only product create an Attribute named “Size”. Add as many options for size as you need.
Do you want the customer to choose a finish? Add an Attribute named “Finish” and add options to that attribute.

For the Mounted product, add attributes with options as needed. Will the prints also be matted? If so, options might be mounted only, single matted, double matted, and matte color.
Another attribute could be Mount Size with options such as flush, matte width, etc.

For the Framed product, add attributes such as Print size, finish, frame material, frame color, matte color, etc. and options for each.

Now that you have products created, create a Pricing Scheme
Add the products to the pricing scheme and save, you can place the products in whatever order you like (I think you may need to save the scheme first then edit it to set the order)
Assign pricing to each product/option/attribute.

When your customer clicks on the shopping cart icon, the add-to-cart dialog box will appear. There would be three options in a drop-down: Print Only, Mounted, and Framed.
Once the customer chooses one, the attributes and their options would appear.

After you create the products and scheme, be sure to go through Shipping pricing to ensure that all fields have a price in them. The price can be 0.

Another idea: You could set this up to be one product. Doing it all as one product isn’t as flexible as creating separate products for each major option.
Attributes could be: Print Size, Mounting, and Frame
Print Size options could be size and finish.
Mounting options could be Print Only, mounted flush, mounted with border, matted…
Framed options could be: No Frame, metal frame, wood frame.

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