Shopping cart icon size

Hi everyone, Is there an easy way to make the cart icon a bit bigger? I often get customers saying they’ve added products to their cart but can’t checkout - I know everything is working absolutely fine on my site so I’m thinking that it’s just a bit too small for them to see it!

You mean the cart icon in the in the View Cart button at the top of the page?

You can increase the size of the icon itself with custom css. But, depending on your design, you’ll also probably want to increase the button size, as well as any other buttons in the top-pallet, like social media, language, search icon. You may also need to increase the height of the top-pallet to accommodate size increases, depending on your current design and what you have in the top pallet (a link to a cart enabled album would help)

A simpler solution may be to change the color of that button so it’s more obvious. Top-Pallet > Buttons in the template, or if you want it to be a different color than other Top-pallet buttons, use custom css.

You could also just add some instructional text to the album template copy that tells visitors to look for the View Cart icon at the top of the page.

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Thanks for the suggestions Rod, I’ll add some instructions I think - it’s obvious enough on a phone or tablet but gets a bit lost on a desktop display.