Side panels in Wordpress theme

Trying to develop a page in Wordpress with a theme created in Backlight 5 with the wordpress module. My problem is that I cannot get rid of a side pallet that covers one third of one side of the main column. Gone through all the configurations to zero out any reference to the side pallet but cant get rid of it and it blocks the formatting of the area that if covers. If I use themes from the Wordpress collection the side pallet is not there

I have added a black color to the side pallet so you can see what I need to delete. Any suggestions appreciated

Are you setting the page columns in the page’s settings in WordPress?
That’s where the number of columns for a post or a page is controlled.

Yes Rod,
I set columns to one in Backlight and then in my case columns to three in Wordpress.

Also I can move the position of the pallet from right to left or split using Backlight

can you share a link to your site?
This is obviously a draft. I have ignored formatting issuues until I sort out the side pallet problem

Have you tried all the usual troubleshooting steps like disabling plugins?
If the problem goes away, enable plugins one by one until it reappears. That will identify any conflicting plugins and will give @Matthew something to go on.

Yes, have disabled all plugins and problem continues.

Another thing to try is creating a brand new page template with default settings and then create a new Theme from that. Give that a try and see if the problem persists.

Thanks again. I have tried that but did it again to be sure. I downloaded a template preset from TTG and used it. If you check the link I sent you will see the results

@Matthew will need to take a look I think.

even Elementor?

Yes even elementor

I should add that if I change to Elementor Canvas the side pallet goes away.

You could use custom CSS to be rid of them.

.page__pallet { display: none; }

The logic for displaying the sidebars is this:

if (
	$post_page_columns == '1col' && $navigation_vertical != 'disabled' || 
	$post_page_columns == '2col' || 
	$post_page_columns == '3col' ): 

So you can see, if you’ve correctly set the number of columns in the layout, then the code for the sidebars simply shouldn’t be there.

Thanks Matt,
the custom CSS you suggested fixed the problem. I know for sure I selected 1 column in Backlight. I do have one theme in Wordpress that has a pallet. Is it possible that there is a Wordpress cache that needs to be cleared. I cleared the Backlight cache.
Thanks for fixing the problem for me.

Sometimes I have to click on Export Theme to Wordpress after making a change to the base template.

That is possible. Check your WP admin area for anything to do with caching