Signatures on posts

I’m just testing here to see if my profile stuff comes through as a signature like we had in the old forum.

Apparently signatures are old news but still popular so here is an attached image whilst I am checking this stuff out.

Ah no preview mode?
Well, adding an image to a post is an absolute breeze.

Yeah, I kind of miss the signatures as well. You can click on the profile picture to get the profile popup.

It is funny that you can use markup in the profile description, but the formatting is stripped in the profile popup. Clickin on the user name, shows the entire profile with markup.

Clicking on the profile picture was the one thing I had not done!

Cool. Something for me to look into a bit later.

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I just tried to make a new topic based on the responsive design of this new platform being in keeping with Backlight Admin but I got this splash screen

Is this a parameter you can edit? I presume it is to stop undesirables doing their worst but as I’m off to bed I tagged it on the bottom of this thread.

Interesting find. I’ll look into it. Thank you!

Yes, there is a setting for “The maximum number of topics a user is allowed to create in the 24 hour period after creating their first post”, default set at 3. I’m going to increase this value while we’re in beta, though I’m likely to throttle it back down again later, albeit perhaps to a value greater than 3.

Long term, I think I’ll need to set rate limits in conjunction with determining conditions for graduating a user from “new user” to “basic user” status, so that we can rate limit bad actors without impacting legitimate users. It may take some deep thinking and experimentation to settle on parameters.

Eventually a user can easily graduate to the next level once there is enough activity in the forum.

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Good to know that there is a scaleable trust control so when this goes over full time maybe a bit in that yellow spash screen that appeared to the right of the input form that obsured the first few posts I made so there is in fact a real time preview of how the post looks plus inserted images. Maybe in the FAQ.
Previously I had stated that there was no preview but clearly I was wrong as it was just concealed for the first 2 post I think.

Yeah, I’m not in love with those overlays. Fortunately, they’re short lived.

If we must have them, though, then I might also investigate whether I’m able to customize them.