Single image page broken in BL 4 update

I just updated to BL4 and everything is OK except that all my single image pages (Pangolin page template) have been broken. I did have several customizations on this page in BL 3 so it is likely that has spawned the issue with the new Pangolon module. The site is and the new BL 4 module spawns a page not found error for all these pages (over 5,000 :frowning_face:). Diagnosing this will take some time for me since I am far from an expert so I would like any input that anyone can give as to how I can go about creating a quick fix, possibly reverting to a BL3 module or entire installation for now.

Update - I have resurrected the pages temporarily (multiple cache flushes and album file updates, plus and reload of one of my galleries from Lightroom) but things are far from normal. I have attempted to edit may single image page and I am now unable to save any changes as it appears to want me to have a Wordpress folder. Since I have never used or installed Wordpress this makes any further diagnosis impossible.

What sort of customizations have you made? Did you make any changes to your .htaccess files? @Ben Will likely need to take a look.

But also, why are you using a Facebook icon for your site’s favicon?

Take a look in Backlight Settings under WordPress. If there’s anything in the WordPress URL field, remove it. Set “Export on Save” to NO

Hi @dsegar, I’m not sure what could be causing this. It may not even be related to changes in Backlight 4. Can you please provide me with FTP access via direct message so that I can try and work out what’s wrong?

Also, please provide me with a Backlight admin login.

OK. Making a bit of progress here but still not out of the woods. Ben. Since it looks like part of what is going on may be related to customized metadata tags added for LR 4 through plugins I feel I should work on this a bit before asking for your help. I will send you the login info if I can still not fix this in the next day or so.

First, about the Facebook favicon.ico. Some digging through my ISP log files suggest that this may have been introduced a few weeks ago by an outside hack. I have fixed that now but there are multiple instances of favicon.ico in Backlight files so I need to spend a little time tracking down all of those and making sure they are all fixed. I have a similar problem with apple-touch icon but I have just turned that off completely for now.

The page not found issue is more complicated. This comes and goes as I try to verify and update template files and MAY be caused by a caching issue related to my ISP. I will try to get more info on exactly what is happening before recontacting you.

The third issue that I have not yet been able to work on because of the single page issue above is that with the LR publisher fully updated single image pages (when I am able to see them due to the intermittent issue above) have some extra, no-formatted visible text added to the end of the page. This added text was not there in BL 4 so I will need to track the source down and fix it but this must wait until the main single page not found issue is resolved. The issue is likely related to the metadata tag changes between BL 3 and BL 4 and my work around in BL 3 to add text from metadata tags that were not on the list BL3 list.

Thanks. I did look and the Wordpress field was filled out with a default value. Deleted it and this issue is now resolved. Seems like this field should be empty by default if it is empty prior to uprade.

Thanks again.

I always enjoy seeing your reef images, especially as a diver as well!

Have a look at this tip from Matt regarding Table Markup. This allows for cleaner and better formatted code for your single page image descriptions.

Thanks. I did look at cleaning the spacing up through a table and several other ways. The problem is that all that data is fed in through the metadata token field which does not accept html. I also looked at feeding the data in in separate chunks but could not find a way to do that. When I get time I will look at the new BL 4 metadata setup and find if I can do it that way.

This added text is the new Metadata Panel. There may be a bug in how it’s getting implemented in the Single Image pages. I’ve seen it cropping up in some of my test albums and even though the template I’m using had the Metadata Panel set to off, the text is still showing up. Something for Matt and Ben to look into.
If necessary, it can be hidden by custom css

Im also having 404s for the single image using the Mac browser Firefox and Google Chrome … Had the same problem in Safari, but that has resolved itself. I did check on my module updates and could not log into the page for a while in Safari.

?? Thanks, Brock

Ok now I have this problem along with the single page broken 404

Something went wrong
Backlight was unable to connect to Please wait a few minutes and try again.

If the problem persists, make sure that your server is able to make external requests to

Try going to your Backlight Modules page and reinstalling module-publisher

Yes, it does look like a bug. I have even tired
.panel_metdata {
display: none !important
in my custom.css but that does not fix the issue

I think the selector is .panel-metadata
you shouldn’t need !important

.panel-metadata {
display: none;

Hi Rod,

My site seems to work for the moment on the single images… I did try just now to reinstall the module-publisher logged in safari and it just hangs for the longest of time then the great red box “something went wrong etc…. .”
Just checked a gallery in FireFox and it works but have this Redbox at the bottom of page… "
Something went wrong

Unexpected error: Version warning: Imagick was compiled against Image Magick version 1654 but version 1650 is loaded. Imagick will run but may behave surprisingly in Unknown on line 0

Please report error at

Hey Thanks Rod!

Yeh. The .panel metadata is the selector and the “display: none” should be enough. Tried that first. Added the !important in the hopes that it might force the override properly as it has sometimes before for me

make sure your syntax is correct
selector: .panel-metadata

and don’t forget the semi-colon:
display: none;

I was able to hide the metadata panel using the browser inspector while on my pc so I know it works

Just an update with a bit more info. First, I have confirmed that I have now hidden panel-metadata (one character was incorrect in my css) through custom.css. However, in fiddling with the new metadata panel in BL 4, I found the following, which might be useful to others. If you activate the new BL 4 metadata panel (set to on), then remove all default entries in Title and token boxes, then set each of the four default sets to off, the set the metadata panel itself to off this also addresses the issue. If others confirm that this is true on other machines (I am on win10) then the easy fix for everyone would be for the everything off setup that I just described to be the default with perhaps a very short text label or link when the user tries to activate the panel that leads them to enter their own choice of titles and tokens (full online documentation would be better but I know that keeping such info up to date would be an issue).

Thanks for that.

I had to take the additional step of republishing the images (push metadata only) from Lightroom before the panel would disappear.