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Matt - I like the new Discourse site, especially with the easy links to other TTG sites like the blog, documentation, etc. The problem I encounter is if I click on one of those links across the top, there is no easy way I can find to return to the Discourse site. Am I missing something simple?

Currently, the only link to this support forum is the link at the top of the old support forum. Or use the Back button.

Just bookmark it for now. I’m still making adjustments to facilitate the change.

And I’ve now added a new menu item to the site to get here.

Hi Matt,

The new forum looks terrific and I’m sure it will be way more functional as well.

If I may add to what TAlexander said, I’d suggest that the Turning Gate logo at the left of the top banner be a link to your BL website, and that the Home button be a link to the forum home/landing page.

I would also suggest that links to external pages–Blog, Docs, Get BL–open in new tabs. I think that also should be the case for links within forum posts and to users’ websites. I find it annoying to always have to use the back button when I have viewed a user’s site and want to go back to the forum.

Thanks for continued improvements to BL, the forum, and all the rest.


Yeah, I don’t get control of that logo link, unfortunately.

I’m debating whether to have the menu links open in new tabs, and I don’t know whether I have the capability for force links within posts to open new tabs, though I’ll look around for something like that. Personally, I’ve just gotten accustomed to CMD-clicking links on any website when I want a new tab.

@John_Blaustein I found an option to open external links in a new tab, and I’ve set this. However, this is a default that can be override by the user in their profile settings. Because defaults are applied on user account creation, you will probably need to change this in your own profile.

I think the navigation will also make more sense when the migration is complete, as the menus for all parts of the site should then be more consistent than they are at present.

Thanks, Matt…

I found that setting in Prefs>Interface and checked it. It doesn’t seem to work for your header links.

I use Ctrl+click too (Windows), but thought since you are off to a fresh start with the forum, the new tab thing could be useful.


The header links are via a Discourse plugin, and have their own defined behavior. The change should work for you, though, for links in posts.

And I’ve just added a “Community Forum” link to the navigation for the Docs (might take a few minutes for the change to deploy). So now you should be able to jump back to the forum from all of the places that the header menu here can take you.


To say you are awesome would be an understatement! Each refinement makes it better.

Thank you!


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Thanks Matt - I only raised the question as something to look at in what I suspect is a long list of transition items. Really appreciate your rapid solutions!

I tend to right click by default for menu items and links once I have realised that the other option is the back button. It is a habit I suppose.