Site re-design

Before I go to a full re-design, I’d like to take a last wack at copy-pasting the folder structure of the previous version of the site.

My FTP server indicates that all the folders are in place but how to relink them, if possible?

Even though, I still can’t find where the home page is!

Unless it’s ludicrous of me to think this kind of maneuver is possible. under redesign to become bilingual using the language selector. original site.

The home page won’t be seen in your FTP program because it isn’t just a file. Like WordPress, pages are presented as needed via templates and the database.

No matter how you approach it, for a multi-language site you’re going to have to completely re-do the text on each page that contains text, you won’t have a page for English and another page with the same content but in French. Both languages will need to be on the same page.

I don’t know that it is possible. If they were initially published with Lightroom, that publisher instance is tied to the old site. You might try changing the API url in Lightroom to see if it all reconnects. Maybe that will update the database in the new site so that the gallery page and descendant menus work as they need to.

I created from scratch the BIO page of the site I am redesigning to use the language selector.
I copied all the settings from the original bio page into the new BIO page.
I uploaded the correct images for the background.
The language selector works on the navigation menus.
I corrected the menu in order for it to lead to the page.
And yet…consider these pages: the French version of the bio page; the English version;
and the new BIO page in

Evidently, I’m still missing something.

First, you can’t use Markdown inside of html. You’ll need to use html throughout.

Secondly, the en and fr text should be in separate divs on the same level.

Currently, you have the English language div inside of the French div (actually, you didn’t close the fr div. Or the en div either.)

<div data-lang="fr">
<h4>Your Heading</h4>
<p>Your text</p>
<p>next paragraph</p>
<div data-lang="en">
<h4>Your Heading</h4>
<p>Your text</p>
<p>next paragraph</p>

This page, just will not load it’s background image
( ) I’ve tried to rename it, and convert it to png to no avail. It’s the exact same image as here:
What am I missing here?

UPDATE…just forgot to assign the page to it’s template"!!!"!