Site security certificate error

My site just starting giving this message to visitors 2 days ago. It’s been working fine for over a year until now. Is this my ISP’s problem, or something I need to fix within Backlight? Sorry but I haven’t seen this before, and I am right in the middle of my biggest-of-the-year online sale…of course. I’m running the latest version of BL4.

Check with your host about your certificate.

Yes, this typically occurs when attempting to reach an HTTP site using HTTPS protocol, so may be emblematic of an expired SSL certificate.

I’m suddenly having the same problem, on my .com address, but not the .org or .net addresses. I’m a little uncertain about how to correct/repair “…an expired SSL certificate.” Advice appreciated. (BTW, running B5.1)

contact your host

Of course. I very seldom have contact with the host; not tech savvy, I am.

Folks, it was the host, Bluehost. Seems they are not very good at ensuring their auto renew free certificates actually automatically renew!

If you are a Bluehost customer you can also fix this yourself (although I had to call). Go to your cpanel and look for ssl status


I finally called Bluehost, waited for a long time, but got decent help. Sure enough, the certificate had expired. The tech person fixed it, but when I asked what caused the problem s/he simply said (paraphrasing) “…when it doesn’t update you need to call us…” There was no more explanation; there WAS a request for a high rating for the tech person at the end of the call.

I want to laugh, but I’m more likely to cry …

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