Site upgraded

I have upgraded my site to BL4 (my news section is built on Wordpress). To be honest, I had still outdated Okapi templates in use, but last week I have migrated everything to Pangolin and the latest version of BL. Thanks to Rod I have subtle white borders around my thumbnails in the set and album grids.I love the community, because there is always a response and a solution or explanation. Thats is why I am a customer ever since CE2. Cheers!


If you have the WordPress module you could carry your template theme across to your blog
. looking good


I really like what you have done. What template are you using for your slideshows?

The slideshow comes with the Pangolin album template. I actually did not change the default settings. Make sure that in the “Photopresentation” tab the option slideshow is selected.

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Yes, that should be one of the next projects :grinning: