Slide show and text combined

Can I combine a slideshow with text? E.g. in the ‘COPY’ of a page?

Yes, with the Vegas slide show (Theater) or the Galleria slide show.

I want to have the slide show as a part of a page, with text around it. Can I install the Vega slide show in the ‘COPY’ part of a page? Or, should I make the slide show with HTML?

Presently, I can easily install a video with the “iframe” command in the ‘COPY’ of a page.
So, what would you advise?

The easiest way is to purchase the Theater add-on and use the Vegas slide show presentation.

Normally, text in the copy area can appear either above or below, but a little jQuery can allow you to place it both above and below.

You could also use Pangolin Essay module, if you’re okay with “slideshow” being an image grid.

An example.

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Actually, Matt’s suggestion is the easiest :grinning:

Sorry for my ignorance, but I am not aware of the Pangolin Easy module. Is it included in the normal TTG-setup? I would surely like to use it if it can work when clicking a menu-item (like a page).

Yep, Essay is included.